Poker Apps

More and more players in India and around the world use smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets as gaming platforms. Fans of poker are no exception and are also happy to connect to the game via the Internet. Most of the establishments have a mobile version, however, it is not always convenient to play in a browser. Therefore, the question of selecting applications for poker games and poker sequences becomes relevant.

Is it legal to play Poker in India? Today the situation with the legislation is kind of controversial and online games, including poker, remain in a gray area. Only users of legal age can enjoy an exciting game and make bets for real money.

Best Casino Apps to Play Poker

We will assume that our readers are not new to poker, and they have already learned the poker rules and have learned all the poker hands. Let’s focus on the selection of software for the mobile gadget. While writing this review, we have considered the best free applications and their key features.

Appeak Poker

The main advantage of this software is its incredibly simple and intuitive interface. All you need to do to start the game is to launch the application and press Play Now. Thanks to the ascetic design, the software runs extremely fast without any special requirements to the quality of traffic and the level of hardware. The application is completely free of charge – it doesn’t ask for donations and doesn’t offer to buy bonuses for real money.

If you are fed up with playing fast with Play Now, no problem, Appeak Poker has a card up its sleeve. We are referring to the Duel feature – the opportunity to play one-on-one with a representative of another country.

Reviews say that there is always a lot of “fish” in the lobby of Appeak Poker. It is up to you to decide whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage. Play Poker for real money and get on the roll.

Governor of Poker

Governor of Poker is a game for those who do not compete on a professional level. It is a casual application that offers easy entertainment rather than a sporting match. A notable advantage is the ability to create a private table and play with friends without strangers.

Despite that the game seems easy, it has received a certificate confirming that the distribution of cards is simulated by a fair random number generator – it is safe to play with friends for real money.

The app has plenty of opportunities to spend money besides poker itself. The free package includes 30,000 chips, which are replenished after at least 4 hours. If you’re having a bad day and spent all your chips in an hour, and you don’t want to wait, you’ll have to pay some money.

A new avatar to personalize your image in the game will also require a financial investment.

World Poker Club

World Poker Club is an amateur application that gives anyone who wants to test the capabilities of professional software. Different actions are performed not by clicking on shortcuts but by gestures anywhere on the screen. For example, to drop cards, you just have to make a quick flipping motion. You have to slowly pull up to raise the bet. In this case, the gesture recognition system has excellent performance, so the loss due to a software error is completely excluded.

Unfortunately, the application contains an extremely high level of spam, which prevents it from taking its rightful place among the top apps. World Poker Club is a confident average performer.

Jackpot Poker

Jackpot Poker is an application offered by PokerStars, the famous room that needs no introduction to fans of the game. The main option is poker game rules hold’em with a jackpot for three players. Here you can meet with the real professionals PokerStars and pump your gaming skills. The application is not for those who expect to have a simple victory.

India poker software has a built-in training option offered by the masters of the game. There is a system of gesture control. The main drawback is a small number of poker variations.

World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker App is the official application of the international competitions of the same name, which is surely known to any poker fan. The software for poker card games is developed and released by Electronic Arts. The company’s programmers have extensive experience in the production of digital versions of various sports competitions, including poker India, so there is no doubt in its quality.

World Series of Poker was created under the official license of the Federation, so players have an opportunity to win a variety of licensed merchandise with WSOP symbols. The interface of the application is undoubtedly one of the best in its niche.

About Playing Poker at Mobile App

How to play poker online safely? First of all, it is recommended to use the poker game applications available for download on the official aggregators, such as the App Store and Play Market for owners of iOS and Android devices. The administration of these resources imposes strict requirements on all the content offered.

You can safely use any of the offers in our top. Downloading and installing any of the online poker programs is not difficult. The process is not different from installing any game on your device.

Why is Better to Play Poker with Mobile App?

Play poker in the app on your mobile device has a lot of advantages:

  • you can play anywhere without reference to place and time;
  • modern applications work even on low-end devices;
  • a wide range of poker variants from different developers is available for cell phones and smartphones;
  • poker online game does not require a fast Internet connection as all the content is already downloaded to your device.

The latter is especially important because, in the case of the network lags, the player automatically skips a turn. All you have to do is choose any application from our list, download it to your device, and start playing!